The 2019-2020 Mission Mobilization Team consists of:

Randy Day, Derrell Lockaby, Buddy Cobb, Ricky Banks, Glenn Wright, and Alisa Smith

Mission Mobilization Meeting

October 1, 2019

6:30pm at LBA





Sept. 24th: Baptist Nursing Fellowship Blessing of Hands at First Mt. Moriah at 6:30pm

Sept. 25th: Pastor2Pastor at Greenwood Country Club at 8am


Oct. 2nd: Fall Senior Adult Rally at South Main Baptist Church at 11am

Oct. 3rd: HarvestFest Prayer Time at Connie Maxwell Farm at 6:30pm

Oct. 5th: HARVESTFEST 2019! Tee-Shirts already for sale at LBA!

Oct. 8th: Ministers Conference at LBA at 11am

Oct. 21st: LBA Annual Meeting at South Side Baptist Church - meal: 5:45pm & service: 6:45pm

Oct. 30th: Pastor2Pastor at Greenwood Country Club at 8am

Oct. 31st: ACP deadline to be completed online or mailed back to LBA










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